This Holiday Season You Aren’t Broken

I adapted the following from a post I wrote on my personal social media for Thanksgiving. I felt it bore repeating today. It doesn’t relate directly to writing, but it does have a lot to do with being human, and being human is the soul of my writing.

Photo credit: Husbeast
Photo description: Sun shines on a snowy hillside.

Happy holidays!

Throughout this holiday season, cultural signals tell us we should spend lots of time with our families making memories so sweet we’ll vomit rainbows when we tell the stories later.

If you don’t feel that way, you aren’t broken.

If you don’t have a family to be with, you aren’t broken.

If your ‘family’ is a chosen group of people with no biological connection, you aren’t broken.

If you feel lonely or stressed today, you aren’t broken.

The holidays can be beautiful and special and memorable, but so can any random Tuesday. Extend kindness to yourself today.

I am lucky enough to have family with whom I want to spend the holidays. But if you struggle with this season, know I’m out here cheering for you.

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