Love in the Time of COVID-19


Regardless of it you are a writer or not, the world is an upsetting place right now. Sickness is everywhere. It’s hard to focus on putting pen to paper when it feels like the world is crumbling.

But among the terror is something extraordinary. Among the terror is love.

Every time someone cancels a trip, it’s an act of love.

Image description: screenshot of Southwest airlines trip cancellation page.

Every time someone decides to self-quarantine, it’s an act of love.

Image description: screenshot of text message conversation about self-quarantine.

Every time school is postponed, every time someone works from home, every time a sports event is canceled, it’s an act of deepest concern for all the people each student, employee, athlete and fan interacts with. It’s an act of love.

This isn’t going to get easier any time soon. Beyond the effects of the illness itself, we have to consider the economic, social, and psychological effects of social distancing. We have to keep loving each other, not just by staying home but also by using safe methods for reaching out and connecting, by helping each other economically, by being understanding about changed plans and strange situations.

Image description: Screenshot of the author and her father playing hangman over FaceTime.

Among the fear, please don’t forget: humans are extraordinary. You are extraordinary. Keep up the good fight. Keep loving. Eventually, the desire to write will come back. Eventually, getting out of bed won’t be such a struggle. I’m cheering for you.

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