Science Based Stress Relief: A Showcase of Pets

In order to continue creative work as COVID-19 takes up more and more of the headlines, I’ve also had to get creative about stress relief.

Anyone who’s ever come home from a hard day to a wagging tail or purring ball of fluff instinctively knows the stress relieving benefits of the animal kingdom. Turns out, there’s scientific evidence to support your intuition. Animals help release all sorts of fun chemicals in our brains such as oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, and seratonin, all of which feel in short supply during this time of COVID-19 stress. I reached out on social medial and asked people to share pictures of their happiness inducing animals to create the gallery below.

This beautiful creature likes hanging out with socks.
Image description: Cat emerges from a sock drawer.
Mojo rides in style.
Image description: fluffy grey dog rides in a car.
Image description: fluffy tan/brown cat lies on his back on a wooden chair.
Frisco and Aspen won’t let a little snow slow them down!
Image description: two medium sized short-haired dogs stand on a dog bed with snowflakes on their backs and heads.
Maggie and Allie recharge for their next adventure.
Image description: medium sized tan dog and small white dog sleep snuggled up on a dog bed.
Charlie knows the proper way to use a couch.
Image description: beige cat sleeps curled up on the back of a couch.
Pua the pup learns about cats.
Image description: A medium sized tan dog play bows to an orange cat.
For Alderaan and Kierkegaard the snuggle is real.
Image description: two orange cats take a nap curled together.
Rainy knows blankets are the key to social distancing.
Image description: Small brown and white dog sits on a red,blue, and grey blanket.
Gaby would like to second the importance of blankets and remind everyone she is drop dead gorgeous.
Image description: Grey and white cat sits on a grey, blue, and purple blanket
This beautiful specimen thirds the importance of blankets and just celebrated her tenth birthday.
Image description: cat with long grey hair appears among the folds of a fleece blanket.
And of course, the feline who has Husbeast and me wrapped around her little paws– our darling, Anova.
Image description: black cat sits by a window, lit by the sunset.

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