2021 Year End Book Round Up, Plus Made-Up Awards

As it turned out, 2021 did not fix all the bad of 2020 even though we hoped it would. The good news, though, is that books are still wonderful. As of this post, I’ve read one hundred and one of them in 2021. Because I am 300% a nerd (yes, that’s right– I hit one-hundredContinue reading “2021 Year End Book Round Up, Plus Made-Up Awards”

2020 Year End Book Wrap-Up (Plus made-up awards)

Stephen King says ā€œIf you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.ā€ I love reading, so no complaints here. However, after staring at more than one title thinking “have I read this before?” I realized I have the memory of a goldfish.*Continue reading “2020 Year End Book Wrap-Up (Plus made-up awards)”